Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Open Source

Open Source means that we, as a community, can create something that belongs *to the community* and that isn't going to be sold out under us. Open Source is free, sometimes free as in beer, generally free as in freedom, but mostly, free as in kittens. ;-)

Open Source means we can create something for ourselves, with your help. Tell us what you need. Help us make it better. We'll be investigating the appropriate licensing for Sandysback but I assure you, it will be one which allows for new people to take the project over if we get too busy.

So far we have three people involved. I'll let the others introduce themselves.

I'm a pythonista - very much into the Python Programming Language. I've studied Java, C++ and C, but strongly prefer Python. I'm currently a student at Stanford.

And now I've got to go get Thanksgiving dinner under way. Ciao for now.


Kentaur said...

YESSS! Hope something useful comes out of this...

I think remind me, remember and lookup are my favourite features of Sandy.

Good luck.

kerri9494 said...

The most important thing to me? Being able to send a remember email that automatically shows up on my *syndicated* calendar -- so I can look at iCal, Google Calendar, or whatever calendar I wish to use, and see the same things.

Thanks for asking!

jd said...

I'm excited to see this unfold. I'd love to see the natural language aspects of Sandy in an open source app that allows me to have reminders sent that alert me via SMS and go in my calendar.


Anna Martelli Ravenscroft said...

Okay - thanks for letting us know. We're compiling these requests so keep em coming!

Austin said...

Hey guys,

I'm an IA and usability guy very adept with front-ends. I'd love to be a part of the team.

I have a lot of experience helping teams prioritize features, so I might be of some help with the planning process.

Either way, I would absolutely love to be involved. I was also going to roll my own. (I'm also a pythonista.)

It's kismet!

Austin Govella

Kragen Javier Sitaker said...

Good luck! I don't know what I Want Sandy is, but I am totally in favor of more open-source services.