Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wanted to hire: a responsive admin assistant!

The outpouring of emotion on the get satisfaction thread in regards to the Sandy shutdown really surprised me. I like Sandy, and I like the anthropomorphic feel to it, but I realise that it was a free service and sadly it couldn't last.

I then decided to have a look around and see if I could find anything that worked just like Sandy. Alas, there seems to be nothing. There are similar services, but nothing the same. Also, there were some features that I wish Sandy had (like support).

So... I figured that the only option was to "roll my own" so to speak. I don't have a lot of time, but I figured that a little investment now will hopefully pay off later with a great application that does exactly what I want, and can be changed by the world at large.

Oh, and who am I? My name is Trevor Glen and I am an entrepreneur and a geek at heart.

Thanks and kudos to Anna and Alex who've done all the leg work so far! Cheers!

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