Friday, November 28, 2008

Who is this Dave guy anyway?

I thought I'd introduce myself, so everyone knows me as more than just "that guy from the Sandy forums".  I'm Dave Ross, and I'm a professional web developer.  That means I write the code that makes web sites go, whether it's a custom Content Management System, a Drupal module, or a completely custom application altogether.  My resume spans ten years of work in Java and PHP, including three years with a large online retailer.

My wife is a wonderfully geeky woman, and we live with our three cats in the Chicago suburbs.  I run the West Suburban Chicago PHP Meetup, and we both volunteer at our local cat shelter.  I love b-movies, especially Ed Wood's campy classics, as well as the obligatory Star Trek and Doctor Who.  In fact, we're on our way out the door in a few minutes to go to Chicago TARDIS, one of the biggest Doctor Who conventions in the US.  Lastly, I'm very interested in the history of computers, and encourage everyone to visit the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA if they ever get the chance.

I was one of Sandy's biggest fans, which is why Rael asked me to be a "non-employee deputy" on the Get Satisfaction site.  I'm familiar with a lot of features people wanted from Sandy, as well as things they didn't like.  I'm hoping to bring this knowledge along with my m@d Sk1lls to this project.

You can learn even more about me from my blog at

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